I’m Sarah, a Vermont wedding photographer who believes in capturing once in a lifetime adventures with timeless, authentic photos. I’ve loved exploring the outdoors for as long as I can remember, and my passion for photography started as a way to celebrate nature’s beauty. I graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in News & Documentary Filmmaking in 2016. Through my degree, I had the opportunity to document travel and landscapes in gorgeous locations like Iceland and Africa. 

I believe in connecting love to this beautiful planet.

About ME

  • Adventure Seeker 
  • Animal Lover
  • Night Owl 
  • Tea Drinker
  • Friend

Human connection
Experience over production

My Approach

My wedding photography style is heavily influenced by my documentary background: I capture your day as it naturally unfolds. Rest assured, I’ll get the big moments you’re likely looking forward to. But I’ll also capture the magic of the little, unexpected moments you may not have anticipated, but will love to look back on.

My couples love the outdoors and often choose a wedding destination that has personal meaning. My images celebrate this location as the backdrop to your love story. 

Feeling that crisp air as the magical light sets in.